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Our partnering Farmers and Producers are some of the best in New England. Most are organically certified, and those who are not use sustainable practices. They are in this for the love of food, farming, and the art and craft of it all. Get them into a conversation about their crops or animals, their soil practices, or their land and be prepared for a lengthy and passionate discourse. They are masters of their craft and are all very excited about the nearly direct relationship they have with you. All of them feel it is essential that families know the people who produce their food. They are fully committed to the well being and health of your family.

The entire Farmers To You team is committed to long term partnerships between Farmers and Families where careful stewardship and sustainability produce great bounty, nutrition and superior taste.

Featured Farmers

Tilldale Farm

Hoosick, NY
Farmer/Producer Website

Tilldale Farm is a small family farm raising certified organic, grassfed Devon cattle in Hoosick, New York. Dan and Joanne have been farming in that area for more than 35 years, and the quality, consistency and flavor of their beef is superlative. Bred to be grazed on grass, Devon mature more slowly and thus produce a higher quality meat than cattle raised on grain heavy diets.

G&T Farm

Farmer/Producer Website

G&T Farm raises grassfed beef, finished on the sweet, mineral-rich grass in Richfield Springs, NY. Their beef is flavorful, full of essential Omega 3 fats, and is single origin, meaning its entire life is spent on their farm. Their on-site craft butchering ensures the entire cow is used, providing tender, delicious and nutritious meat with exceptional marbling. G&T’s mission strives for the greatest level of sustainability on their farm by using regenerative practices, ensuring premium health, tranquility, and respect for animals, employees, community and customers.

Partner Farmers & Producers