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Farmers & Producers

Our partnering Farmers and Producers are some of the best in New England. Most are organically certified, and those who are not use sustainable practices. They are in this for the love of food, farming, and the art and craft of it all. Get them into a conversation about their crops or animals, their soil practices, or their land and be prepared for a lengthy and passionate discourse. They are masters of their craft and are all very excited about the nearly direct relationship they have with you. All of them feel it is essential that families know the people who produce their food. They are fully committed to the well being and health of your family.

The entire Farmers To You team is committed to long term partnerships between Farmers and Families where careful stewardship and sustainability produce great bounty, nutrition and superior taste.

Featured Farmer

V Smiley Preserves

New Haven, VT
Farmer/Producer Website

V Smiley Preserves makes 100% honey-sweetened preserves with an emphasis on fruit, flowers, herbs and aromatics grown on their family farm, Lil to Do Farm, in New Haven, Vermont.
Creator of V Smiley Preserves, V Smiley, grew up on Lil to Do farm as a child of two 1970s "back-to-the-landers". Food was central to her childhood, and V's upbringing gave her "comfort in the kitchen and a deep admiration for food craft".
After years of living and working in the culinary world of the West coast, V returned home to the farm to work alongside her mother and her partner Amy to revitalize Lil to Do Farm and restore it back to working order.
V Smiley Preserves sources fruit, herbs and flowers from their farm when they can, and they source their remaining fruit, seasonally, from berry farmer Omar Fugaro in Middlebury; Champlain Orchards; Scott Farm and New York Hudson Valley Orchards. Any gaps in fruit production are filled in with only organically produced fruits.
V Smiley uses Vermont honey in their preserves because of the flavor and its locality. Smiley says, "Honey is a powerful preservative and sweetener... and it is intrinsically linked to the fruit-growing process. Conceptually, I like that as a pollinator the honeybee provides everything we need to make fruit preserves."

Partner Farmers & Producers