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Brookford Farm Canterbury, NH

Farmer/Producer Website

For 14 years, Catarina and Luke have been learning and practicing organic and biodynamic farming on a variety of farms in Russia, Germany and the United States.
Catarina and Luke met at a farm near St. Petersburg, Russia in the fall of 1999 and lived there for five years. This 240-acre diversified, biodynamic farm was set up to provide a healthy living and working environment for handicapped individuals. At the farm they were exposed to many different aspects of agriculture and sustainable living.
In October of 2004, Catarina and Luke moved with their son Oliver to Kattendorfer Hof near Hamburg, Germany. There, Catarina took part in the formal biodynamic apprenticeship program with a focus in vegetable production and Luke worked with the cows. This was a formative year for the couple as they took part in farm production on a scale and level of efficiency which they had never previously seen.
In January 2007, the Mahoney family moved with their two sons to Brookford Farm in Rollinsford, New Hampshire. With access to 200 acres of grass and their prior experience, they knew that dairy was exactly where they wanted to begin. Early on, they shipped milk to Organic Valley and sold a small amount of raw milk and cream on the side. The local market for their bottled raw milk and other dairy products grew and in the spring of 2010, they decided to step away from the cooperative and direct market their products. Noticing a local demand for good food, the Mahoneys also began producing pastured meats, eggs and vegetables.
Eventually, the Mahoneys found a permanent home for their farm in Canterbury, New Hampshire. In 2012, Brookford Farm moved its entire operation and staff to the new 613-acre site.

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