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Fattoria La Vialla

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From Tuscan land that has been farmed for over two centuries, we are proud to bring you the incredible bounty of a very special place. Fattoria La Vialla is a family-run, organic, biodynamic farm and wine estate which was retrieved from abandon and taken into safekeeping by the Lo Franco Family in 1978. Today, La Vialla is the largest Demeter-certified surface area in Europe and produces its own wine, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese, appetizers, sauces, pasta, vinegar, honey, biscuits and other sweet delicacies – directly from vineyard to bottle, from vegetable patch to jar. Because Farmers to You’s mission is to help our families put the best food on their tables, we could not wait to share La Vialla’s wonderful products with you.

Giuliana and Piero Lo Franco’s dream was to see abandoned countryside come back to life. They began by getting an old farmstead back into operation and didn’t have to think about which method they would use for cultivation. For them, the only way that existed was the organic method (which, in 1978, was not yet defined by law). Twenty years later, driven by the desire for continuous improvement, together with their sons, they began to “try their hand” at biodynamics. La Vialla has been certified biodynamic since 2005.
Giuliana, Piero and then their sons - Gianni, Antonio and Bandino - have always been inspired by the idea of good, healthy food, and the consequent (and at the same time antecedent) protection of nature and its fruits. Today Fattoria La Vialla is an example of what it means to be ecological and sustainable and, with the help of the Lo Franco Family Foundation, it has made it possible to convert a total of 787 hectares of land to organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Products from Fattoria La Vialla