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Bone Mountain Farm Jericho, VT

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Bone Mountain Farm was formed in 2016. Owner Operator Tucker Andrews had left his job managing a local vegetable farm and decided to get re-educated as a soil scientist, but he could not kick the habit of commercial vegetable growing. In his spare time between teaching, conducting research, taking classes and having a baby, he kept growing an acre of wholesale vegetables. Luckily, in year four, friend Thomas Case came on board, backed by decades of farming experience and a love of cabbage. Together, they have steadily built an efficient production model that focuses on unique, high quality crops. Thomas and Tucker focus on letting life come before farming and building systems to make that a reality. Their growing approach favors exclusion, rather than chemical application, to manage pests and disease. Fertility is managed from a whole-systems approach rather than by feeding-the-plant. Tucker is a strong adherent to the idea that plants should "find their own dang nutrients" in the soil, and he is prepared to put in extra hours establishing cover crop, priming the microbial community with compost and tracking down new sod fields to plow down. Tucker and Thomas love to farm and share work. They are always humbled to provide food for people.

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Bone Mountain Farm

Organic Tetsukabuto Squash

appx. 3-4 lbs