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Pigasus Meats South Hero, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Located in South Hero, Vermont, Pigasus is run by young farmers Phelan and Kelsey. They are passionate about strengthening the resiliency of the Vermont Agricultural landscape. They focus on care for the land, an appreciation for nature's cycles and proper animal husbandry.The couple began farming while attending Warren Wilson Collegein North Carolina, where they met and bonded over pasture-based livestock farming. In 2013, Kelsey and Phalen leased a piece of land from Stony Pond Farm who also provided mentorship for the young farmers, allowing Kelsey and Phelan to start their own pastured pork operation.
Pigasus sees farming as a way to be proactive stewards of the land, produce high-quality food through a pastured system and engage with their community. The name "Pigasus" comes from a stamp that John Steinbeck applied to many of his personal correspondences. It refers to his musings of "being an earth bound creature aspiring to heavenly heights". Pigasus Meats believes that by allowing their animals to behave as pigs and chickens, foraging on pasture and doing what pigs and chickens do, Pigasus can "create a mythical quality pork and eggs for... friends, neighbors and family to enjoy".

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