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Starbird Wild Fish Burlington, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Starbird Fish Co. was conceived in Alaska's Aleutian Islands during the 2011 salmon season. Having fished everywhere from the Bering Sea, Bristol Bay, Aleutians, down to Southeast Alaska, Captain Anthony Naples has partaken in many of these sustainable fisheries, and he wanted to bring some of the bounty home to share with you. Since then, he has continued to fish many regions of Alaska's wild waters, built boats to fish them, and forged great friendships with fishermen and women throughout.
Every year, a crew of Vermont fishermen brave the elements to bring you some of the highest quality fish in the world. They hot smoke their wild Alaskan salmon in northern Vermont using simple ingredients like maple syrup and applewood smoke to enhance its delicate flavor and texture, before delivering it fresh to us.
"Know Your Fishermen"

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