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Saw-Dog Coffee Roasters South Burlington, VT

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Tom & Mary Stuessy's goal is to connect people to doing good in the world through everyday choices. They started roasting coffee in 2015 for their close friends and family in order to raise funds to support the White Helmets in Syria. Their daughter, Sawyer, had been born that year, and as they were devastated by news reports, they needed to do something to help. They always wanted to start a roastery and thought it was the right time and driven by the right purpose. Their friends and family started to talk about how great the coffee was, and as the business grew, they were eager to make sure every aspect of their business was making a difference. Tom and Mary exclusively roast Café Femenino beans, which ensures the women in the coffee industry have equal access to land ownership and profits. In turn, this decreases domestic violence and food scarcity. They use compostable packaging and solar panels to run the electric portions of the operation. Their coffee is roasted in a fluid bed roaster, which translates into a clean, perfectly smooth and consistent coffee - every time.

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