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All Souls Tortilleria Burlington, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

All Souls Tortilleria is located on an organic farm in the beautiful Mad River Valley of Vermont.
They believe that soil and seeds are foundational to agriculture and source certified organic, heirloom corn from VT and NY for their tortillas. This fosters good health and seed sovereignty. It also just tastes good!
Each batch of masa and tortillas is made fresh from stone-ground nixtamalized whole corn. This is a rarity in the Northeast. You'll taste the difference.
All Souls is working to make sure this is a just and inclusive food business. "We believe there is always room for one more at the table. Donating to food shelves, supporting farm workers rights organizations, and responsible sourcing are integral facets of how we abide in our work. We're grateful to have you bring these tortillas to your table and help foster all this."
- - -
All Souls started up in the spring of 2015 when City Market Co-op in Burlington, VT awarded partners Joe, Hubert, and Sam a local foods promotion loan to bring local organic corn tortillas to the community. This was the realization of a dream long in the making.
Since 2009, Joe has been working with local farmers to promote organic staple foods through the products of his company, Vermont Bean Crafters. He connected with Sam and Hubert over homemade tortillas and community. Though they had moved to Vermont to build bikes and farm respectively, Hubert and Sam's longing for their southwestern roots led them to regular kitchen get-togethers to cook the food they grew up with - including fresh ground corn tortillas.
"We at All Souls hope that the desire for a good tortilla will bring people around your table, as it has ours."

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