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1000 Stone Farm Brookfield, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Located in the rocky and rolling hills of Brookfield, Vermont, just north of its famous floating bridge on Sunset Lake, 1000 Stone Farm is a 4-season Organic Mushroom and Vegetable farm certified by both Vermont Organic Farmers and the Real Organic Project. Kyle and Betsy Doda are dedicated to providing folks with the food they need year round; sustaining not only the community, but the farmer and the land. Kyle practices organic farming so that he can take care of the land that feeds him, and so that he can do his best for the planet by putting his resources into healthy local ecosystems and high quality food. He enjoys finding innovative ways to produce an unusually varied range of nutritious food on a small piece of land. We are very happy to offer his fine certified organic mushrooms and eggs here at Farmers to You.

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