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1000 Stone Farm Brookfield, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Located in the rocky and rolling hills of Brookfield, Vermont just north of its famous floating bridge on Sunset Lake, 1000 Stone Farm is a 4-season Organic Mushroom and Vegetable farm certified by Vermont Organic Farmers, as well as the Real Organic Project which takes soil health into even further consideration. They are dedicated to providing folks with the food they need year-around, feeding the community by supplying food at a cost that is realistic for the consumer, sustaining and supportive of the farmer, as well as the farm land.
1000 Stone Farm is run by Kyle Doda who was born and raised in Virginia. He moved to Vermont in 2012 to be closer to his extended family in New England and the mountains where he loves to backpack, ski, and mountain bike. Kyle chose to live in Vermont to be part of a community that believes in and supports sustainability, particularly related to food, clean water and a healthy climate that supports food production. Kyle practices organic farming so that he can take care of the land that feeds him, and so that he can do his best for the planet by putting his resources into healthy local ecosystems and high-quality food. He enjoys finding innovative ways to produce nutritious, high quality food on a small piece of land. We are very happy to offer his fine certified organic mushrooms and eggs here at Farmers to You.

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