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Long Wind Farm East Thetford, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Long Wind Farm began in 1984 with Dave Chapman and a team of oxen. Now grown in glass greenhouses, Long Wind Farm's tomatoes are available as early as March and as late as December.
Dave Chapman was one of the early pioneers in Organic soil based greenhouse growing of tomatoes. This takes remarkable skill, and Dave and his amazing crew have become real experts in their craft. Dave is also a Tai Chi Master and when visiting his greenhouses you get the impression that Tai Chi and the quiet patience necessary for greenhouse growing come together beautifully.
While many greenhouse tomatoes come from nutrient deficient hydroponic systems, Long Wind Farm grows their tomatoes as they should in rich, well maintained soil. Soil is what provides health, flavor and nutrition for the produce we consume, and it shows in Dave's tomatoes.

Products from Long Wind Farm