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Perfect Circle Farm Berlin, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Perfect Circle Farm is a small family run farm and nursery in Central Vermont. They specialize in growing Nut Trees, Fruit Trees and Berry Shrubs, and they grow most of what they sell from seed, cuttings or by grafting. An important part of their operation is their "close the loop chicken coop."The hens (and five roosters) are free to roam outside all day, every day, until they head into their coops at dusk. Here, they get to express their chicken nature. They dust bathe, chase each other, nap in the sun, escape the fence sometimes, eat bugs and weeds, and scratch in the soil. Rather than feed their chickens grain, Sandra and Buzz raise their chickens off of food scraps delivered twice and a week and forage in the yard. Perfect Circle sources scraps from grocery stores and restaurants-- a variety of post-consumer foods that otherwise would be destined for the landfill or compost heap. These food scraps are mixed with wood chips to help control odor and pests. Once the scraps and woodchips have been picked over they are moved to the compost heap and used to fertilize the nursery and garden beds. Using this "waste" to regenerate the soil and to feed their animals is how Sandra and Buzz came to call this the "close the loop chicken coop." Farmers to You is happy to partner with Perfect Circle as a producer of Free ChoiceUngraded Eggs.

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