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Does' Leap East Fairfield, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Does' Leap is a diversified organic farm located in the heart of the beautiful Green Mountains in Northern Vermont. They specialize in a variety of fresh and aged goat cheeses, all made from their own goat milk.
Their goats, a combination of Alpine and Alpine-Nubian cross, forage on the local browse and grass during the majority of the year, and are given supplemental hay, alfalfa and organic grain during the winter months. The milk from these goats is characteristic of their diverse diet--rich and sweet.
Their practices are driven by a belief in "a diversified farm ecosystem where each aspect of our farm complements the other." They use the power of two draft horses for much of their farm work - including plowing, harrowing, spreading manure, and firewood collection.
"As a result of our reliance on browse and grass, our cheeses are of exceptionally high quality and take on the flavor of our varied vegetation and Vermont's changing seasons." - Does' Leap

Products from Does' Leap