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Eastview Farm East Hardwick, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Eastview Farm is a diversified small family farm in East Hardwick, Vermont owned and operated by Mary-Ellen and Jim Lovinsky. It is certified organic through both Vermont Organic Farms and the Real Organic Project, and is also a member of the Garlic Seed Foundation.
Eastview Farm has been a farm since the 1860s. It was a small hillside dairy farm for most of its existence until 1989 when the Lovinsky family moved from the shores of Cape Cod to the mountains and fields of the East Hardwick hillside to make it home. It was faces the eastern horizon and looks towards Walden and Stannard mountains and the rising sun.
Their garlic is grown in mineral rich, dark soil that used to be dairy pasture. Most of the work to plant, grow, cure and process the garlic is done by hand. It is a time and labor-intensive crop. It takes 9 months for garlic to grow from planting to harvest. They make their own on farm compost with manures from a herd of Scotch Highland cattle and “retired” Oberhasli dairy goats mixed with fines from their packaging product Sylvacurl (www.sylvacurl.com) and other farm green matter.

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