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Bonté Bakery Calais, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Anne Marie's story is similar to many others who have suffered from food allergies in that for years she struggled with health issues without knowing why. Ultimately, through a lot of difficult trial and error, she found that she had a fairly severe allergy to corn and strong sensitivities to gluten and white sugar. Because of the pervasiveness of these ingredients, going to the supermarket or a restaurant was never the same. It was difficult to find items that both fit her diet and tasted good, particularly in regards to baked goods.

This is why she started experimenting with home baking and ultimately created Bonté Bakery, with a desire for everyone who has food allergies to be able to have artisan breads and delicious treats without worry about the ingredients and without sacrificing taste.

She has found, in this new frontier of baking, that not only is it possible to create healthy baked goods of all kinds that fit multiple dietary requirements, but that Bonté’s creations often surpass their gluten filled counterparts in taste. Whether you have food allergies or not, Anne Marie promises that Bonté’s products will always taste great, be filled with the highest quality ingredients and be much healthier than traditional baked goods.

Products from Bonté Bakery