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Ploughgate Creamery North Bennington, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Ploughgate Creamery is owned and operated by Marisa Mauro. Her love affair with the dairy world started at age fourteen on a sheep dairy in Weston, VT, where she began her cheesemaking education. Over the next decade Marisa worked on numerous dairies throughout Vermont and California. In 2008 she opened Ploughgate Creamery in South Albany, VT and moved to the historic 50 acre hilltop Bragg Farm in Fayston, VT in December of 2013. She has recently partnered with Maplebrook Farm in North Bennington, VT. Besides the practical benefits of this next step, Marisa is truly excited about what can come from this partnership. Both Ploughgate and Maplebrook were founded with women at the helm, who have committed their businesses to making high quality products by hand, staying rooted in the heritage of Vermont’s agricultural landscape, and delivering products that are not only high quality but tell a story about the artisan traditions from which they came.

Ploughate butter is cultured for 48 hours creating a delicious, creamy, and slightly tangy flavor. The butter is salted with large sea salt crystals which add to the incredible experience. Maplebrook has the expertise and type of facility in North Bennington, that will allow Ploughgate to expand its production while keeping the product true to its high quality and artisan roots. Moving forward, Marisa will continue to be on the ground at Maplebrook every week making butter, but this change will also allow her to have more time to dedicate to new product creation, research, and development at the Bragg Hill creamery.

Products from Ploughgate Creamery