Ploughgate Creamery Fayston, VT

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Ploughgate Creamery at Bragg Farm in Fayston, VT is owned and operated by Marisa Mauro. Her love affair with the dairy world started at age fourteen on a sheep dairy in Weston, VT, where she began her cheesemaking education. Over the next decade Marisa worked on numerous dairies throughout Vermont and California. In 2008 she opened Ploughgate Creamery in South Albany, VT and moved to the historic 50 acre hilltop Bragg Farm in Fayston, VT in December of 2013. Marisa sources milk from Monument Farm, a family run, one herd operation in Weybridge Vermont. She also boards heiffers and steers for Von Trapp to maintain her land. This collaboration helps Ploughate Creamery support the Vermont dairy industry; something Marisa is really excited about! Ploughate butter is cultured for 48 hours creating a delicious, creamy, and slightly tangy flavor. The butter is salted with large sea salt crystals which add to the incredible experience.

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