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Elmore Roots Nursery Wolcott, VT

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Located in Wolcott, Vermont, Elmore Roots Nursery specializes in cold-hardy fruit trees, nut trees and berry bushes. Owned by David Fried, Elmore Roots has been certified organic since 1988 and was among the early certified organic farms in the state of Vermont. In 1979, David hiked the Long Trail, which runs the length of Vermont, living on fruits, berries and nuts as he hiked. Upon his return, he decided to start growing an abundance of tasty fruits and make them available to others through the Elmore Roots nursery. For over 35 years, Elmore Roots has tested which fruit varieties do well in their chilly zone 3 climate and they quip, "If it grows in Elmore, it will grow where you are". Plants propagated for nursery sales are from the orchard used to produce Elmore Roots spreadable fruit jams.

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