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Green Acres Farm and Creamery West Brookfield, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Green Acres Farm is sibling team Sophie and Evan Roe, who grew up in a village outside Randolph, VT. From a young age, they were introduced to a variety of animals on their family's homestead, and developed a love of cows, showing them at state fairs. Both worked on local farms over the years, and studied agriculture at Vermont colleges. In 2016, Evan gifted Sophie a Jersey calf for her birthday (Gladys, who is featured in their logo) and from there the herd kept growing. Although they enjoyed their simple lives in the backyard, eventually the number of cows warranted a productive plan for them and Sophie and Evan started leasing the Green Acres property in Randolph, VT. A custom-made creamery in a retrofitted shipping container is all that they needed to begin creating delicious butters.
The butter is made right on the farm in this brand new container creamery. The milk is carried in cans from the bulk tank into the creamery, where it is then separated into
skim milk and cream. The cream is pasteurized and churned into butter. Keeping the processing on their farm and handling of the milk gently (no milk or cream is
run through a pump) ensures that the butter that ends up on the consumers table is minimally processed and fresh. Since all the butter is washed by hand, which results in some buttermilk being left behind, it should be kept refrigerated and used or frozen within 6 weeks of its packaging date.
Green Acres' mixed herd - primarily Jerseys - are cows rotationally grazed throughout the May-October grazing season, and live in the warm barn in the winter, with time to stretch their legs in the barnyard. While the farm is not certified organic, Sophie and Evan do manage the cows and the land in an ecological manner and use medicine only when needed when a cow is sick. The only fertilizer on the fields is the cow’s own manure.
The Roes have deep roots in the Randolph area and are excited to establish their farm and be a part of the local farming community.

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