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Maine Grains Skowhegan, ME

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Maine Grains mills locally grown grains into stone ground flour. After trying their flour, which retains a higher nutritional content and nuttier, heartier flavor through the cool stone milling process, you'll never look back. The flavor of Maine Grains' flours will shine in any number of baking projects, but it is particularly delightful in combination with natural fermentation methods.
New England has a rich history of producing grains, and Maine Grains is reviving this tradition to ensure that local flour and cereal grains are available and affordable for the community. Additionally, their goal is to create jobs and improve land use by focusing on a holistic food chain.
The mill has helped the town of Skowhegan take center stage in a global renaissance to relocalize grain economies. Maine Grains' bold idea to repurpose ahistoric 14,000 square foot Victorian jailhouse into a gristmill has created an international following. Amber Lambke and Michael Scholz (friends and cofounders of the Kneading Conference) partnered to buy the jailhouse in 2009 and form the Somerset Grist Mill. They celebrated their grand opening in 2012, transforming a blighted part of downtown Skowhegan into a thriving food hub and community gathering place.Now, communities across the globe look to Skowhegan as an example of how to successfully restore the benefits of regional grain production and heritage seed.

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