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Red Hen Baking Co. Middlesex, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Randy George and Liza Cain are the proud owners of Red Hen, which has been producing some of the best bread in New England since 1999. Recently deemed the best bakery in Vermont by Yankee Magazine, Red Hen strives to revive old world artisanal methods of making bread using only the finest simple and pure ingredients. The bakery is tended by employees who love what they do, many of whom bike or cross-country ski to work.
Randy and Liza are keenly aware of their environmental impact at all levels of their production and all of their bread is Organic. In keeping with their truly local ideology, Red Hen markets their bread products to within 100 miles of the bakery, so that freshness and quality is guaranteed. Farmers To You is proud to partner Boston-area families with Red Hen Baking Company, so that they too can get a taste of the best bread Vermont has to offer. Try their classic baguette with one of our many Vermont cheeses; dig into their Crosset Hill batard, which is made using long fermentation and local wheat and rye; treat yourself to their sweet and flavorful Fig and Anise loaf; or try any number of their other scrumptious loaves.

Products from Red Hen Baking Co.