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Champlain Valley Apiaries Middlebury, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Champlain Valley Apiaries has been producing high quality honey since 1931. Established by Charles Mraz, the business is now run by the third generation, Charles' grandson, Chas. Over 1,200 hives are located from Orwell, Vermont all the way to the Canadian Border. The bees are treated with respect and are not given processed sugars or corn syrup. Extra care is given to ensure there is enough honey for the bee colonies to survive and thrive in the long Vermont winters.
Charles Mraz, the founder, influenced hundreds of beekeepers and medical professionals with his groundbreaking work in the area of therapeutic application of bee products. His work in "apitherapy" and beekeeping are innumerable. For over 60 years, he treated people with bee stings to relieve arthritis pain, and later for multiple sclerosis and other diseases. In 1994, he authored Health and the Honey Bee.

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