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Snug Valley Farm Pork North Haverhill, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Ben Nottermann and his family have been farming on their East Hardwick farm for over 30 years and while originally in dairy, transitioned to beef and pork production as a way to diversify and become sustainable.
While visiting the farm, what you see is pigs out on pasture - or resting on a deep bedded pack of hay. Pigs really let you know how they are feeling about their environment, and these are very happy pigs!
The Nottermans never use antibiotics; and they feed their pigs delicious natural grain and their own hay, adding in brewers' grain, organic veggies and organic bread when available to make sure their pigs get plenty of tasty food. You'll notice unsurpassed marbling, flavor, and consistency in Snug Valley chops, sausages, bacon and lard, which is a direct result of the Nottermann's care and hard work.

Products from Snug Valley Farm Pork