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Adams Berry Farm Charlotte, VT

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In 2001, Adam and family started the berry farm with 300 plants in the high country of Lincoln, Vermont. Upon realizing that the micro-climate only allowed for a tiny growing season, they moved to the Intervale in Burlington, where they spent 11 years; time which allowed them to find their roots, build community, and establish a business. Continual flooding and crop losses, however, forced a farm transition to higher ground. In the fall of 2012, they closed on a new piece of farmland in East Charlotte, about 10 miles south of Burlington. They now live on the property they farm, allowing them to stay in touch with its rhythm. They grow the most beautiful and luscious berries you can imagine and pride themselves on running a fun, fast-paced farm. They operate a pick-your-own at the farm from June to October as a way to connect the community to their food source, and they take particular pride in their close connections with local families as well as restaurants and stores. All of their delicious strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and grapes are certified organic. Organic farming takes a lot more labor and energy, and their farming practices really come down to the simple decision of, "Would we want to eat it ourselves and would we feed it to our family?" They also prioritize educating and encouraging people to go low on the retail chain by buying direct from farmers, farmers markets, co-ops, natural food stores and local independent stores, for these are relationship businesses that keep the local Vermont economy thriving.

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