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Babette's Table Plainfield, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Babette's Table is a small, woman-owned European style charcuterie company that handcrafts their products in Waitsfield, Vermont. Their mission is to build community around good food by providing an equitable workplace for their employees, strengthen connections in the local agricultural community, and bring people together around tables where their products are served. They source 100% of their pork from local family farms (Von Trapp Farmstead, Pigasus Meats, Snug Valley Farm, and PT Farm). They know their farmers well and work with them closely. The high quality local pork they provide results in a difference you can taste in their products.

Erika Lynch, Babette's Table’s founder, owner, and salumist, is originally from Kentucky and grew up with a rich tradition of food. She trained in Gascony, France to learn the art of fermentation and curing, and she apprenticed with a master butcher there to hone her skills. Erika and her wife, Julie, who is originally from Vermont, started Babette's Table by selling their products at the Waitsfield farmers' market.

As they have grown, Erika remains dedicated to the ideals she saw embodied in France:
-a commitment to true artisanal processing, where each product is unique
-a dedication to slow processing and curing approaches that develop nuanced flavors
-a deeply collaborative approach with farmers (Babette's Table produces products for many of their partner farms).

Products from Babette's Table