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Eating Art Work West Medford, MA

Farmer/Producer Website

Catherine Johnson is a longtime member of the Farmers to You community, living just north of Boston. Before she cooks and consumes Farmers to You produce, she often does a simple drawing as part of her Eating Art Work project. Her EAW designs of fruits, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers are featured on these note cards.

A writer and a cook all her life, Catherine interviews people, collecting ‘Food Life Stories’. Making simple line drawings of food, using artist's markers, is her way of having a conversation with the food that she cooks and eats, getting beneath the surface of her own Food Life Story.

She calls her drawings Eating Art Work. Some of them are wrapped in words, following a chain of memories, sensations, even recipes. Eventually, the EAW project became more public. Catherine had some fabric printed, made gifts for friends and now produces note cards, kitchen towels, tote bags, aprons and more. She is still drawing, expanding beyond vegetables, fruits and herbs to edible and medicinal flowers and other fanciful designs.
It's an evolving story...

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