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Rhapsody Natural Foods Cabot, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Rhapsody Natural Foods is a small family-run operation with a big vision.
Sjon and Elysha Welters started Rhapsody as a vegan restaurant where they began making and selling their own tempeh and miso. Pleasantly surprised by the demand for their small-scale, craft foods, they sold the restaurant and dove into full time production just over 2 years ago.
Everything about Rhapsody is deeply rooted in creating a sustainable food system and lifestyle. They've built their production kitchen where they and their staff live and choose to produce organically in support of sustainable agricultural cycles. By sourcing ingredients locally and living where they work, they are anchored in the local community. They use organic, minimally processed, clean, all non GMO ingredients. You'll find their nutty tempeh, miso, rice milk, and wildly popular vegan egg rolls on offer through our website.
Sjon, Elysha, and the rest of the Rhapsody team invite you to join them in making positive change towards a sustainable and peaceful world.

Products from Rhapsody Natural Foods