Tilldale Farm Hoosick, NY

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Tilldale Farm is a small family farm raising certified organic, grassfed Devon cattle in Hoosick, New York. Dan and Joanne have been farming in that area for more than 35 years, and the quality, consistency and flavor of their beef is superlative. Bred to be grazed on grass, Devon mature more slowly and thus produce a higher quality meat than cattle raised on grain heavy diets. The Tilleys transitioned to certified organic 13 years ago and since then have noticed an increase of wildlife and pollinators-- proof that their organic practices are improving the landscape. They also raise Tamworth hogs, Rock Cornish Cross chickens and Rhode Island Red laying hens. Tilldale Farm's cattle are raised on pasture during the warm seasons and wintered in the barn where they are fed hay from the farm. Room to roam, fresh grass and clean water keeps these cows healthy without the use of antibiotics, hormones or synthetic ingredients in their food. The wonderful flavor and essential fatty acids like CLA's and Omega 3's in their chops, steaks, ground beef and more are all products of grass feeding.

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