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Tilldale Farm Troy, NY

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Tilldale Farm was part of the Tilley family for several generations in Hoosick, NY operating as a certified organic dairy farm until 2008 when Dan and Joanne Tilley transitioned to grassfed beef, pastured pork and chicken. In early 2022, the farm and portion of the Red Devon beef herd was sold to the next generation of farmers, the Williams. The new owners are three siblings, Erin, Lauren, and Matthew. They grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania on their family’s rotational grazing dairy farm. That childhood experience has led them to continue the Tilley's regenerative and organic farm management approach utilizing the Red Devon beef cattle. Devon cattle are known for their good growth on grass only diets and overall hardy nature and deep beef flavor. The herd is rotationally grazed on grass spring through autumn and fed farm-harvested hay during the winter season. A special blend of minerals provided free choice to the herd mitigates the needs for medical intervention ensuring the beef lives its best life. This approach is not only ideal for raising the cattle but also soil health and the farm’s ecosystem. In turn the beef produced has not only great flavor, but studies have shown grassfed beef have higher levels of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and CLAs. The Williams family welcomes your family to give their high-quality roasts, steaks and ground beef a try and make it part of your menu this week.

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