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Small Axe Farm East Ryegate, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Small Axe Farm is a 1 acre, no till, off grid, organic market farm in the hills of Barnet, VT. Husband and wife team Heidi Choate and Evan Perkins started the farm in 2008 with a focus on supplying their rural area with the highest quality organic produce at affordable prices. They use no till practices in an effort to sequester carbon and create biological pathways in the soil and build organic matter. They are proud to teach "future" farmers who seek to learn no till practices through employment at our farm. Heidi and Evan have timber framed and built all of the structures on the farm, and, indeed, rebuilt after a devastating fire in 2018. They built a beautiful wash/pack space where all of their produce passes through to be sorted, washed and packaged before delivery.

Products from Small Axe Farm