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Vermont Bean Crafters Waitsfield, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

The company humbly began their operation in 2009 on Greg Cox's Boardman Hill Farm in West Rutland, where founder Joe Bossen and a few friends grew their ideas, born out of a love affair with beans. They wanted to craft enjoyable, affordable, locally-sourced organic products that were rooted in the simple, soulful, superlative bean.
In 2011 they started cooking their beans in the new Mad River Food Hub in Waitsfield, VT, an area that is serious about local farms and sustainable businesses, before recently moving to the Kingsbury Market Garden in Warren. In addition to growing a range of dried New England beans, the team crafts creative takes on Bean Burgers, Falafel and more. "Crafting" isn't just what they do, but embodies the essence of their highly skilled, carefully tuned, and very philosophical operation. Their dedication to seasonality, flavor, and quality result in seriously sumptuous flavors and their dream for a better future inspires.

Products from Vermont Bean Crafters