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Frequently Asked Questions


We are check-out free! If your basket meets our ordering minimum, your order will automatically process on Sundays at midnight. If you plan on ordering weekly, all you have to do is update your basket before the cutoff and you’re all set. If you do not plan on ordering weekly, you can suspend or pause your account for as long as you need. Our suspension feature is a great way to get only what you need, when you need it.

Ordering weekly supports our farm partners and provides you with the most value. However, we know ordering weekly doesn’t work for everyone. You can suspend your order at any time.

Click on the basket icon at the top right of the page to view “My Order." Above the list of products in your order you will see a suspend order button. When you click on the link you’ll be able to choose the date on which you’d like to receive your next order. You must suspend your Weekly Order before midnight on Sunday.

We understand that things don’t always go according to plan! If you know you will not be able to receive your food, the food in your order will return to our Hub to be donated to the local food shelf, ensuring nothing goes to waste. In the event your food must be donated, we kindly ask that you pay for 40% of the total cost of your order. This charge will help us cover the cost of labor and items that we cannot hold over week to week.

Yes. Our weekly minimum varies by region. If you don’t meet the required minimum, we’ll let you know in your shopping list and a red exclamation point will be displayed over the shopping basket icon at the top-right. If you meet the minimum, your order will be automatically created every week. Simple as that.

“My Order” is your shopping list for the week. These are the products you’ve selected that will be automatically placed into an order for you each Sunday at midnight and fulfilled that same week. You can change or suspend your order anytime before midnight on Sunday or let it repeat to keep your pantry stocked!

Once your order is packed, you can see the most up-to-date details in the “My Pickup/Delivery” tab. If you selected one of our sites as your pickup location, the tab will be labeled “My Pickup”. If you get your groceries delivered, the tab will be labeled “My Delivery”. You’ll also see the date your order will be delivered or ready for pickup.

You can view your order history by visiting the order history tab on the orders page. This page shows all your past orders, including items ordered, dates, and payment totals.

The weekend! Our website is fully updated with the week’s availability on Friday at 5 pm. You have the whole weekend to update your order. For best access to limited stock items, we recommend adding items to your order Friday evening. You can make changes to your order (including suspending) until orders close at midnight on Sunday.

Limited Stock indicates that our customers will want to purchase more of a particular item than may be available from the farm. Limited Stock items will be removed from our website when they are sold out. Limited Stock items do not remain in your order week to week; they get removed from all orders because we need to adjust the quantity available and allow all customers to shop for them each week. (Hint: shop Friday night or Saturday morning for the best chance to purchase Limited Stock items.)

Yes! There are two ways to donate:

1. Add a donation amount to your existing order. Simply select one of the options here. The donation will appear on your next order, and will recur until you choose to remove the donation from your order.

2. Add a donation when you suspend. When you suspend your order, you will have the option of making a one-time or weekly donation with a $10 minimum. 

Farmers To You uses weekly donations to purchase food in bulk from our regular partner farmers. This food goes to one of our food access partners, where community members can pick up fresh food, or where the food can be cooked and distributed as meals.

Pickup Sites and Home Delivery

When you arrive at the site you will be greeted by your site host. Your site host and our Farmers To You driver will get your order for you and add any add-on items that you may have ordered. Add-on items are items that cannot be packed with your order such as: some bread, frozen items, and fish. If you are returning any milk bottles or Farmers To You bags you can record them next to your name on our ledger sheets. Our pickup sites are a great time to connect with the Farmers To You community. Learn more about our pickup sites here.

You can find the regions where we offer delivery on our Locations page. After you sign up, you’ll be able to configure your delivery address and change it as often as needed.

Your order will remain on a refrigerated truck until it is delivered to you. If you are not at home to receive your order, we ask that you leave a cooler (70 quarts or larger) with at least two frozen cold packs in a safe and accessible location to keep your delivery fresh and at a safe temperature until you return.

Delivery fees vary by region. We’ll display the delivery fee in your shopping list’s order summary.

Home and Office delivery is a great option. Our home delivery areas include Greater Boston, Cape Cod, New York City and northern Vermont. Visit the Locations page for more details.

Farmers To You does deliver rain/snow or shine. During winter storms we allow extra time for our drivers to arrive safely. Our sites and deliveries generally run on time during a storm, if there is ever a delay, we will notify you via email.

Please know that safety is our top priority. Our drivers are very experienced with winter road conditions and always have full authority to make the safest possible decision.

We do our best to make accommodations during storms. We suggest allowing extra time for travel during inclement weather. If you have a hard time traveling to your pickup site, try consolidating orders with friends or neighbors. Or contact your site host to troubleshoot.

If you know you will be unable to make your scheduled pickup time, you have a few options:

  • We encourage you to arrange for a friend or neighbor to pick up your order.
  • When you know you cannot get to the pickup site (and a friend or neighbor is unavailable to help), it is always best if you contact your site host as early as possible to let them know you cannot make it on time. Site host contact information can be found on your My Pickup page.
  • For weeks when you know your schedule may be unpredictable, we encourage you to try our home delivery service. Please see our Locations page for more info.

Food not picked up by the end of the pickup site remains on our trucks and is donated so that nothing goes to waste. This also helps keep our drivers on schedule, ensuring that other sites are not delayed. Thank you for understanding.

About Us

Yes! We offer many products year-round. Because we source from farmers and producers located in Vermont and the New England region, some of our offerings are seasonal, such as berries, some varieties of apples, some vegetables and even some cheeses (some cheesemakers choose to create their cheeses only when the grass is lush and green).

Our Refer a Friend program allows you to easily share what you love about Farmers To You with your friends and neighbors. If you’re loving the food you’re getting from us, invite your friends to join you. When they place a first time order, you both get a $25 credit. Learn more and start referring friends here.

Although the definitions are not hard and fast, local food refers to food that is produced within your community. Regional food is produced within your foodshed, such as New England.

After tasting Farmers To You offerings, we hope to inspire Boston-area families to grow their own food, purchase local food, and purchase regionally produced food. We also hope to inspire Farmers in Maine, New Hampshire, Western Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut to replicate this model in their farming communities.

We price differently than a typical grocery store. Each item is priced based on what it costs the farmer to produce the item. To determine the final price, we simply add what it costs us to get it from the partner farm to you.

Supermarkets and grocery stores generally price based on how price sensitive your items are. Milk, meat and many basic meal ingredients are priced at or below cost, and items like prepared foods and specialty items are priced much higher to account for this.

Our method of pricing means we pay our farmers much more than they receive from traditional supermarkets, $0.60 compared to $0.12 of every dollar—five times as much!

We price some of our items on a per pound basis, just like a store. The farmer delivers these items in a weight range. When we receive these items we weigh them, price them on a per pound basis and adjust your order charge to reflect the actual price of the variable weight item you ordered.

We want to know! Hearing from our partner families is a vital part of the community we are creating. We want you to love everything in your order and we are happy to provide a credit for anything that does not meet your expectations. Food quality is one of our top priorities and your feedback is very important to us and our partner farmers. If you have an issue, please email info@farmerstoyou.com.

If you want to pause your weekly orders, you can use our Suspend feature at any time. Simply go to your shopping basket and click the Suspend button in the upper left corner. If Farmers To You isn’t working for you, you can go to your Profile and click the Cancel My Account button at the bottom of the page.

We love to partner with local organizations in the Boston and Cape Cod area! Check out some more info here and let us know any questions.