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Food As It Should Be

New England’s freshest food, delivered from the farm to your kitchen every week.
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We're here to help you skip that sweltering trip to the grocery store. Stay cool, shop from the comfort of your couch, and beat the heat with food so fresh it doesn't require lots of fussing and fixing. Produce grown in healthy soil has more flavor as well as more nutrients, and of course dairy or meat from animals which feed on that better-tasting pasture also tastes better. Treat yourself to an easy week of great-tasting food, delivered right to your door.



Just in time for salad season we have an abundance of new pastas. Dried rigatoni, cavatelli and saffron malloreddus join Sfoglini's whole grain radiators and rye trumpets. And from Trenchers Farmhouse we have fresh sardi, spaghetti, pappardelle, radiatori, and gluten free linguine. For pasta salad inspiration, check out our recipe using the gorgeous golden malloreddus, some of these other tasty options, or just choose your favorite cheeses and herbs and see what magic occurs....

Safrron Malloreddus
Burrata - edited

Summer Cheeses

Too hot to turn on the oven? Dress up some incredible cheese with crusty bread & fresh veggies, scatter some herbs and enjoy the perfect dinner. Let creamy burrata take center stage in a skillet filled with the best summer produce, or lean on something already infused with plenty of flavor—we have a divine marinated fromage blanc from Vermont Shepherd (top with a grating of their very special Pyrenees-style summer cheese, Verano), and the return of Bell & Goose's tangy marinated feta. Mozzarella can star in a quick pasta salad, panzanella, or caprese. And if even pulling together a salad seems just too much, we have some very seasonal caprese empanadas from DelSur on hand, too!



If you are looking for a sustainable and safe source of protein and omega-3s, Hudson Valley Fisheries' petit or hot smoked fillets should make it into your basket. Rated "Best Choice" by the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch, these farm raised trout are free from mercury and microplastics, and processed on site for the smallest possible carbon footprint. Trout is in the same family as salmon, but milder, which makes it ultra versatile and easy to prepare and enjoy.

Steelhead Trout Fillets

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Pan Seared Ginger & Garlic Swordfish

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Featured Farmer

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Sebastian von Trapp's grandparents purchased their land in 1959, and he grew up on the family farm, his Opa and Oma (Werner and Erika) living just down the road. His parents, Martin and Kelly, ran the farm and dairy, selling their milk to local buyers at whatever price was set by the whims of the global dairy market. In 2007, Sebastian began construction on a creamery for making cheese out of the farm’s milk, with the goal of creating more sustainable income for the farm. The von Trapp Farmstead started making cheese in 2009.

Molly Semler grew up in Middlesex, Vermont and returned to the state to follow her passion for making cheese. She started working on the farm, and over the course of making cheese together, she and Sebastian fell in love. (Cheesy, but true!) Sebastian currently runs the farm while Molly operates the creamery.

The Von Trapps are truly a "farmstead" cheese operation—the milk from the cows is being produced in an adjacent building to their cheese making facility, where they make their  award-winning cheeses: Camembert-style Mt. Alice; nutty Savage; unique Mad River Blue, as well as the award-winning Oma, aged by Jasper Hill. 

Over the course of three generations, the family transitioned to a certified organic dairy operation, which is currently working towards producing 100% A2A2 milk. Their measured approach to this change allows each cow to age out of the herd naturally. Currently, the milk is around 80% A2A2, making their creamy yogurt digestible for many lactose intolerant folks. Their happy cows move from field to field, shelter under a canopy, or in the barn, and are milked only once a day, yielding a creamier product (though slightly less of it than 2 milkings per day would provide). Their sweet, creamy organic milk is perfect for premium cheese and yogurt production.

Artisan cheese making on a 50-cow family farm is the family's contribution to improving Vermont's declining dairy economy and working landscape and is part of their mission to show that a small family farm can be economically viable.


Vermont Cheese Eat it if You Can

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We work closely with regional farmers and producers and update our storefront every Friday with the freshest seasonal food. We order only what you want – we’re food waste free, from farm to table.

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Shop until Midnight each Sunday. No need to check out; your weekly order will be submitted automatically and repeats unless you edit or suspend it. Did we mention there are no subscription fees? Sweet.

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Choose home delivery in Eastern Massachusetts, Vermont and NYC, or get your order at one of our neighborhood pickup sites in Greater Boston. So fresh has never been so easy.

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Our Promise

At Farmers To You we know our farmers and producers personally. That’s why we can promise to provide fresh, high quality food produced on healthy farms. If you are not satisfied with our products or our service, we’ll provide a complete credit to you.

We know you do not make your food decisions lightly. We are grateful for each purchase you make from Farmers To You that supports our farmers and producer partners that are dedicated to growing nourishing food for your family.

Here is our promise so that you can feel good about your buying decision.

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Our Products

We sell food grown in a regenerative and sustainable way. Our farmer partners care for your health, and for the land, animals and the environment. The farmers and producers share their precise farming and production practices.

We find the best foods available in New England from more than 100 local farmers and producers. It is hard to find other markets with this breadth of local, fresh and delicious vegetables, meats, cheeses and other foods.

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Our Farmers

Our partnering Farmers and Producers are some of the best in New England. Most are organically certified, and those who are not use sustainable practices. They are in this for the love of food, farming, and the art and craft of it all. Get them into a conversation about their crops or animals, their soil practices, or their land and be prepared for a lengthy and passionate discourse. They are masters of their craft and are all very excited about the nearly direct relationship they have with you. All of them feel it is essential that families know the people who produce their food. They are fully committed to the well being and health of your family.

Who Are They?
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A Farmer's Perspective

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Why I Started Farmers To You
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Transparency – Chapter 1: Show Me The Money!
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Transparency – Chapter 2: Ultra Processed Foods
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Let's Build a Food Community

We are on a mission to build a trustworthy and sustainable food system by connecting farmers and families. We carefully select quality, clean and flavorful foods and commit to a waste-free, safe and regenerative regional food system. Our farm-fresh food comes from the best New England farms. With more than 100 farmers and producers we've got you covered from vegetables, meat and dairy to beverages, home and health. Our farmers take great care with their farming practices to support our communities, the land and your health.