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16 oz

Organic Sweet White Miso

16 oz

This is a sweet-tasting, light colored miso with the lowest salt content of any of the misos.

This product is processed in a facility that also processes barley, so it is not certified gluten free.

certified organic soybeans, certified organic rice koji (rice, Aspergillus culture), unrefined sea salt, sea vegetable.
Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated

Rhapsody Natural Foods, Cabot, VT

Miso is the miracle food of the 21st century, yet ancient in origin. A hearty, high protein fermented soy food, miso aids digestion and assimilation, reduces salt intake by adding flavor, is a key ingredient in low-fat cooking, and alkalizes and detoxifies our blood. It comes in a wide range of flavors and intensities: from sweet white miso to salty and black hacho miso.
Like all fermented soy foods, miso is completely different from its original ingredient soy. The fermentation process transforms the soy beans into a new food. We age our miso in oak barrels and use water drawn from our deep well. The soybeans are grown within a 100 mile radius and cooked with kombu-seaweed to add phyto-nutrients and minerals. The Celtic sea salt we use comes from traditional salt farmers using ages-old methods of harvesting and drying (for more info: Celtic sea salt).
Certified Organic


March 26, 2021 by

I use this miso in almost all of my soups. Nice complex flavor, it adds a depth and richness, as well has good health, to every bowl.

June 8, 2020 by

I love this miso. It brings an awesome umami to our risottos & stews. Pretty much any time we think a dish needs a little something, a spoonful of this miso makes it better. Great quality product. The miso soup we make with this is the best.

January 19, 2020 by

I love this miso. I put it in salad dressing, on bread, even on pizza if I don't want cheese. It's tasty, and delicious but not too strong.

March 23, 2018 by

I use a lot of miso, and this one is really terrific. It's sweet and nutty, and works well in soups, dressings, and even straight out of the jar on chopped vegetables. Highly recommended.

January 19, 2018 by

I love this Miso! It gives all of my food that nice rounded umami flavor. I add it to salad dressing, spread it on toast, a spoonful in my soup bowl and have even added dollops to my pizza.

May 27, 2017 by

I lived in Japan and ate a lot of miso and this one is just delicious--nutty, smooth in flavor, and not too salty, which is a real achievement!

July 15, 2015 by

This is, by far, THE BEST miso i have ever had! It is complex in flavor (salty, sweet, tangy and umami), and has a great texture (both grainy and creamy). I used it as broth for noodle soup, a base for salad dressing and, I have to admit, as a snack right out of the jar. Fabulous!