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7 oz

Farmstead Cheddar Cheese

Unpasteurized Cow Milk
A traditional Vermont cheddar, Vermont Farmstead uses only the freshest raw whole milk directly from their herd for a fully flavorful cheddar with lingering sweet notes of summer fruit. The texture rivals that of a traditional English Montgomery Cheddar.

raw whole milk, salt, enzymes & select cultures
Storage Tips

Cheese be kept stored in the refrigerator, but it is most flavorful and delicious when allowed to come up to room temperature right before serving!

Once opened, re-wrap cheese in waxed paper and seal in a plastic bag. Cheese should keep for a couple of weeks after opening, but if mold forms simply cut it off.

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company, S. Woodstock, VT

While raw milk is used for this cheese, the cooking and aging process of cheese making substitutes for pasturization.

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