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organic polenta bread loaf held by baker
1 lb loaf

Organic Sliced Polenta Bread

1 lb loaf

Red Hen's polenta bread is made with polenta from Geechie Boy Mills in South Carolina, where Greg Johnsman grows heirloom corn and grinds it on his refurbished grist mill. Now available as a sliced loaf for added ease!

Water, Unbleached Wheat Flour* (Grown in Quebec) Geechee Boy Polenta - milled from heirloom corn, Vermont Honey*, Salt, Bakers Yeast. *Certified organic
Storage Tips

Store in the plastic bag it comes in and enjoy within a 3-4 days. To keep this bread longer freeze to preserve flavor and texture. Pull out frozen slices, toast and enjoy!

Red Hen Baking Co., Middlesex, VT

In processing the polenta the bran of the corn is removed - the finished product ends up soft and creamy and unlike any "corn" bread you've ever tasted!

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