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Turkey Chili

Leftover magic!


3 T olive oil
2 small onions, chopped
6 cloves garlic, minced
4 carrots, chopped
1/2 cup chopped celeriac
1 T finely chopped pickled hot peppers (optional)
1/2 t dried oregano
1 sachet Bard & Bellom Smokey Taco Seasoning

2 lbs shredded cooked turkey, or cooked ground meat of choice
1 jar Vermont Tomato Sauce
1/2 water, plus more if needed

2 cups cooked beans or 1 can kidney beans
salt, to taste

Warm the olive oil in a large cast iron pot, then add the chopped onion and a good sprinkle of salt.

When the onions have become translucent, add the garlic, carrots and celeriac, mix well, then stir in the chopped pickled hot peppers (if using).

Let everything cook about 10 minutes, stirring frequently; the carrots should deepen in color and start to soften.

Add the oregano and taco seasoning, mix well, and leave for few minutes.

Then stir in the shredded turkey, and cook for a few minutes more, stirring frequently.

When everything is nicely fragrant, pour the tomato sauce into the pot, and scrape up anything stuck to the bottom of the pan. Add water to the empty jar, swirl, and pour into the pot. 

Stir, cover the pot and lower the heat to a simmer.

Give the chili a stir every 5 munutes or so, and cook for 15 - 20 minutes.

When the carrots are thoroughly cooked, add the beans, and let simmer a few minutes more.

If you didn't use the pickled peppers, you might want to add a dash of cider vinegar to brighten things up. 

Adjust seasonings, and water (add more if you want a thinner chili), and enjoy with fresh bread, over a bed of cooked grains, atop a baked potato, garnished with tortilla chips, however you like it - but don't forget the grated cheddar!