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pastured vermont pork country style ribs
appx. 1-2 lbs

Pork Country Style Ribs

appx. 1-2 lbs

Country-style pork ribs aren't ribs at all. They're cuts of pork shoulder, which is the same meat you use to make pulled pork and carnitas. They are very flavorful, filled with great marbling and can also be grilled or roasted.
Enjoy within 5 days or freeze for later use.

Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated or frozen.
On weeks that we receive a delivery of pork, it will be packed fresh, and any remaining will be frozen. If the cuts are packed frozen, they are usually thawed by the time they get to you. Continue to thaw larger cuts by keeping your pork in the refrigerator and use within a week. Pork can be frozen or refrozen without impacting the flavor or texture of the meat.
To thaw meat that has been frozen, place in a sealed bag in a bowl of cool water. Allow at least a day to thaw your pork prior to cooking. Depending on the size and cut thawing times may vary.

Snug Valley Farm, E. Hardwick, VT

This Pork is grown and raised by Ben Nottermann and his family on Snug Valley Farm. Ben and his family have been farming on their East Hardwick farm for over 30 years and while originally in dairy, transitioned to beef and pork production as a way to diversify and become sustainable.

best pork ever!
October 13, 2022 by

Snug Valley never disappoints. These country style ribs are super versatile and a great value. Marinated and grilled, or even just salted and peppered and grilled, they are delicious. This is also a great cut to cube for stewing or braising recipes like chile verde, posole, etc.