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Our Story

Our story 3

It all started with a spark of inspiration—could we create a healthy food system that would heal the planet and reconnect families with farmers? Ten years ago, in central Vermont, we set out to boldly start a business that could be part of the solution for a more connected regional food system. So began the journey of Farmers To You.

The quality of the food spoke for itself and farmers and producers were excited from the start. Still, it took a bit longer to grow the number of families who wanted to change their relationship to food. In time, we found those who believed in what we were doing—our mission—and it all came together. We continue to find more and more families who share our values, and who can’t help but fall in love with the Vermont cheeses, heirloom tomatoes, field greens, and crusty breads we offer.

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In a decade, a small team of people built this organization to connect people to those who grow their food. Like farmers cultivating our crops, we tended to sustainable growth, all the while staying true to our commitment to regenerative farming.

We grew from 28 partner families to over 1,900 partner families. These families, in Boston, New York City and Vermont, count on us to carefully select foods from small-scale farmers and producers and provide quality foods to them each week, year-round.

We set out to be an alternative to the traditional supermarket. We sell local and consciously sourced food, pay our farmers a fair price for their produce, and have built a system that minimizes waste.

While we are an online market, we see most of our customers each week at pick-up sites. The sites are places where we hand deliver the food from farms, share recipes, tell stories about our families, and hear about what’s growing in the garden.

In our interdependent food system, community is everything.

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We created a community with families, farmers and our dedicated FTY team where our interactions are deeper, more personal, and authentic.

Many of our farmers, families, and pickup site hosts have been with us since the very beginning. We rely on these long term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Together, we are strengthening a vital food system that positively impacts our health and our environment. We all know exactly where our fresh, quality, delicious and nutritious food comes from. Put simply, we like to say it’s time to enjoy food as it should be.