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Our Impact

Farmers To You is building a food system that feeds and reconnects families and farmers; that realizes environmental regeneration and healing; and that transforms our relationship to food.

Our system is modeled after a healthy farm, balancing all aspects and stakeholders in a mutually beneficial relationship that creates health and abundance.

All Local

From sourcing food to creating employment opportunities, local is at the heart of what we do.

All of our food comes from within 200 miles of our hub in Central Vermont, then gets delivered directly to you—cutting down on travel pollution and excessive handling.


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No Food Wasted

Farmers To You works with over 100 local farmers and producers, and from them we order only what we've sold each week to our partner families.

Any leftover food is used for staff dinner or donated. Food scraps are composted, returning valuable nutrients back to the soil.


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Regenerative Farming

We partner with small-scale farms that align with the principles of regenerative agriculture. Their practices improve the interdependent health of soil, land and people.

Our partner producers source only the highest-quality ingredients and operate businesses where social and environmental responsibility run deep.


Meet Our Farmers

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Food Access

Farmers To You acknowledges that within our society’s prevailing food and economic systems, nutritious food remains a privilege inaccessible to many.

We are committed to helping alleviate food insecurity in our community, and with the support of our partner families we donate over $6000 in food each month to families who need it.


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Low-Impact Packaging

At Farmers To You we make a continued effort to package your food conscientiously, reducing plastic use and reusing materials whenever possible.

Unlike purchases made at the grocery store, the packaging that arrives to you in your Farmers to You grocery bag is nearly all the packaging that was used for the products you ordered.


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