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Gaylord Farm Organic Rhubarb

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This bundle of rhubarb has stalks that range from cherry red to green in color. Rhubarb is naturally extremely tart in flavor and is an excellent addition to a summer fruit pie.

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Storage Tips
Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Gaylord Farm, Waitsfield, VT

Technically a vegetable, rhubarb is most commonly used as a fruit. The stalks are the edible portion, with the pigment held in the skin. Minimal cooking and less liquid helps to retain the color.
Certified Organic


July 9, 2020 by

I love rhubarb, especially with strawberries. We made this jam:
Also, we used rhubarb to make a strawberry rhubarb upside-down cake with anise. It's probably one of my favorite desserts ever.
Rhubarb upside down cake

- 2 Tbsp butter
- 100 g (1/2 cup) brown sugar
- 700 g (1 1/2 lbs) rhubarb; chopped
- 1 tsp ground anise seed or star anise
- 187 g (1 1/2 cups aerated) all-purpose flour
- 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
- 1 tsp baking soda
- 1 tsp Kosher salt
- 1/2 cup butter; softened
- 100 g (1/2 cup) sugar
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- 2 large eggs
- 3/4 cup buttermilk or yogurt

1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
2) Melt 2 Tbsp butter and brown sugar over medium heat in a well-seasoned 9-in cast iron skillet. Stir to combine, then simmer 2-3 minutes, being careful not to burn.
3) Remove from heat and arrange rhubarb evenly over top without disturbing the butter-sugar mixture.
4) Meanwhile, stir together anise seed, flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a small bowl.
5) In a large mixing bowl, use a handheld electric mixer to cream 1/2 cup softened butter and sugar. Add vanilla extract. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each. Alternately add flour mixture and buttermilk, beginning and ending with flour, taking care to not overmix.
6) Spoon batter over rhubarb without disturbing the fruit. Bake until golden, about 45 minutes. Let cool slightly and serve warm.

***Fruit, such as strawberries or rasperries, can be substituted for part of the rhubarb. With strawberries, we microwaved and strained them to release juice that was then mixed with the yogurt to thin it a little (to make a total of 3/4 cup).

July 6, 2011 by

Mmm, we have also been enjoying the rhubarb, especially made into a compote (one recipe we used had them quickly chopped and baked with ginger, sugar, and lemon; super easy) and spooned into thick greek yogurt is my favorite. Perfect balance of tastes.

June 13, 2011 by

Worth the winter's wait. We've been cooking them down with a little water, maple syrup, and cinnamon and eating it with everything - yogurt, granola, ice cream, even by itself. Especially heavenly with some local strawberries - easy and spectacular.