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Red Wagon Plants Organic Fresh Herbal Tea Blend

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This fresh herbal tea blend is a combination of Lemon Balm& Anise Hyssop. These are wonderful herbs for hot or iced tea, offering light flavors of lemon and licorice. Both of these herbs are known for their digestive support and for calming stress.

appx. 1/2 lb

Storage Tips
Store stems down in a cup of water on the counter.

Red Wagon Plants, Hinesburg, VT

This combination of Lemon Balm and Anise Hyssop are well suited for a sun tea. While you could also brew a hot tea and cool it down for a traditional iced tea, a sun tea provides an opportunity for different flavors to showcase, and it is an incredibly simple way to brew tea. Chop the herbs into three inch pieces and add them to a half gallon jar, then fill with cold water. Cover and let sit out in the sunshine or on a sunny windowsill for several hours or until the desired flavor is reached. Strain over ice and enjoy!

Certified Organic

Fragrant & Refreshing!
July 16, 2021 by

This bag of olfactory goodness is why I love summer! Bought this on a whim and gave their sun tea recipe a go--and it did not disappoint. The bag was chock full of fresh-cut herbs, and it was so nice trimming the ends and placing in water. I hated to take it off my windowsill to create the sun tea, but I removed all the leaves off the stalks and roughly chopped them. There was a huge pile!
Trusting the process (I watched a few videos from Red Wagon), I was still skeptical as I filled my 1/2 gallon jug absolutely full to the brim with the leaves. However, 1/2 gallon of cold water fit in just fine, I capped the jug and then let it sit all day in the sun on my front porch. The result? A beautiful golden liquid that smelled just as refreshing as the cut herbs--and tasted just the same! Ice cold, with some fresh cucumber slices dropped into it: not sure how you can create a better summer N/A beverage!