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8 oz

Chef Shred Cheese Blend

A few of your favorite cheeses, blended together and shredded for your convenience. Cellars uses a special ratio of cheddar and alpine cheeses for this mix to achieve maximum functionality, meltability and depth of flavor.
Contains pasteurized and unpasteurized cheeses.

Unpasteurized cows milk, pasteurized cows milk, starter culture, salt, animal rennet, vegetable rennet
Storage Tips

Store in the refrigerator.

Cellars at Jasper Hill, Greensboro, VT

You haven't purchased any rind with this shredded cheese, but you can still enjoy the complexity of flavor and texture it bestowed during aging. It stays fresh because it has been flushed with inert gas to replace the oxygen in the bag. You may notice that flecks of harmless blue or white mold appear before the sell by date. This is a naturally occurring and harmless mold, a remnant of its original rind trying to regrow.

good blend
July 10, 2022 by

melted well. good in sauces or on top of a baked piece of chicken. nice flavor

Love this Blend!!
February 10, 2022 by

We love all the Jasper Hill Farm Cheeses. This shredded is really Fantastic, I made Mac n Cheese with it! It took this dish to another level! It melts beautifully!!! So good!!!!