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Easy Weeknight: Grassfed Beef Tacos

Taco night for the busy weeknight win! Grab some All Souls corn tortillas and whatever toppings you crave, and let everyone step right up to the taco bar. The only cooking necessary here is the ground beef,:
Add just add a bit of oil to the pan with some garlic powder and onion before adding in the beef and spices — cumin, paprika, chili powder and salt & pepper will give you that classic taco seasoning flavor.
Cook until browned while you have the tortillas warming in the oven.
Prep a quick pico de gallo with cherry tomatoes, red onion and some Habanero Lime Switchback hot sauce.
Fill each tortilla with beef and serve alongside the pico, shred mix, queso fresco, chopped little guys, salad mix, quick pickled red onions, and your other favorite toppings.