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Organic Cream Top A2A2 Yogurt

This yogurt is thick, creamy and mildly tangy. There is a layer of cream on the top, a treat worth savoring. Made with organic milk from the Larson's herd of A2A2 Jersey cows.The A2 protein can be easier to digest for people with dairy sensitivities; however, their milk, yogurt and gelato do contain lactose.

Grade A pasteurized whole organic milk, live active yogurt cultures (L. acidophilus, L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus)
Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated.

Larson Farm and Creamery, Wells, VT

Rich and Cynthia Larson have been working to breed their herd of cows with a specific gene that produce milk that is high in A2A2 beta caseins. The A2 protein is present in human, sheep and goat milk and there is some evidence that indicates milk from cows with the A2 protein is more easily digestible (read more about A2A2 beta caseins at the Larson Farm Website). Rich and Cynthia's daughter, Mercy, manages the dairy herd, and sister-in-law Lee manages the creamery making Larson Farm truly a family operation!


October 7, 2023 by

Delicious yogurt! That it is A2A2 is an absolute plus and the cream on top adds to the flavor. I concur with others who have indicated in their reviews that FTY carry additional Larson A2A2 products.

This is my husband's all time favorite yogurt
June 2, 2023 by

Delicious flavor and texture.

April 27, 2022 by

I wasn’t sure if we’d like this, I’ve ordered cream too yogurt from other farms and it wasn’t enjoyable. But I wanted to try it through FTY, especially because they offer this A2 yogurt and I wanted to see if my daughter did well with it, she loves yogurt but has a hard time with dairy. I added a little honey to it to sweeten it up for her and she loves it! I like it as well and we’ll probably be adding this to our weekly orders. Thank you FTY!

Amazing Dairy
August 28, 2021 by

We have used A2 milk and yummy yogurt since it was available and this is the best. Now please try for the A2 butter and heavy cream. We have A1 casein intolerance problems in the family and these products would make life so much easier and tastier. Thanks.

March 21, 2021 by

This yogurt has a delicious flavor and is rich and creamy-yum!!!!

May 3, 2020 by

This A2A2 Yogurt is delicious! Next, I wish that you offered A2A2 Butter!

November 24, 2019 by

Agree with the previous review - the yogurt is great, but the container is awful. Hope they change it out for a new one...

April 15, 2019 by

The yogurt is thick and creamy with a solid layer of cream on top. It's as delicious and good as yogurt gets. However, the lid of the container is inconvenient and fussy. It takes me several tries to pry it off.