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Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup helps support a healthy immune system. Made with honey, this syrup will help soothe a sore throat and may be used to help prevent colds and flu.

Vt Raw Honey, Elderberries, Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Propolis Extract, Trametes Veriscolor (Turkey Tail Mushroom) Extract
Storage Tips

Shake well before use. Refrigerate after opening.
The syrup is shelf stable for two years unopened and should be refrigerated after opening. Once open we recommend you enjoy it within one year, but you may notice some oxidizing and discoloration over that time.

Wild Branch Foods, Charlotte, VT

Throughout history the Elderberry plant has been utilized for medicinal and culinary purposes. Valued for its healing properties, Elderberry has been used for pain relief, and as a treatment for influenza, headaches and many other ailments. Elderberries are high in vitamin C, high in dietary fiber and packed full of antioxidants. It's hardly surprising that this superfood has been utilized in wellness regimens for hundreds of years!


October 30, 2020 by

My kid prefers the commercial brand of pure elderberry syrup without the vinegar booster. I alternate days between this syrup and the plain stuff because I really do prefer to buy local. I don't blindly offer my family a ton of herbal remedies and I'm skeptical of many non-scientific treatments without a proven track record, but there is good research on elderberry in particular, so I keep it on hand during flu season, usually offering it at the first sign of a sniffle. During the pandemic, I have opted for a daily spoonful for the two of us who have daily interactions with others at school (outdoors, thank heavens!)

October 5, 2020 by

I buy this for my 85 year old Mom to keep her healthy, she drinks a tablespoon daily. It's been a year now and she likes it very much.

May 29, 2020 by

I don't care for this syrup straight, but it does add a nice flavor to smoothies. I probably won't purchase again though. I tried to use it to flavor kombucha; it wasn't great.

February 8, 2019 by

I've been drinking a teaspoon of this syrup daily all winter and feel like it's helping to keep my healthy. Tastes delicious!