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red pasta gravy sauce jarred
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Valicenti Pasta Farm Red Pasta Gravy

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Dave's signature Red Gravy tomato-basil sauce is made from their tomatoes and basil. Cooked overnight in small batches, it combines a developed richness from lots of fine extra virgin olive oil and Marsala wine with a brightness from the newly harvested tomatoes and fresh basil added just before the sauce is put into jars.

organic tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, Marsala wine, garlic, organic basil, organic evaporated cane juice, sea salt, fresh cracked pepper

32 oz

Storage Tips
Refrigerate after opening.

Valicenti Pasta Farm, Hollis, NH

David Valicenti founded Valicenti Organico to grow his own ingredients and produce delicious, fresh, gourmet pastas and sauces in the same place Dave's family has lived for more than 35 years.
Dave strives to use only their own or locally grown ingredients sourced from trusted, conscientious farmers like Lull Farm, Kimball Fruit Farm and Brookford Farm. They are committed to growing organically and sourcing within their community for the freshest, healthiest and most delicious ingredients season after season.
We have been looking for a pasta maker whose product quality and flavor is up to the standards we have set, and from the first taste we knew Dave was the real thing. They have also created amazing gluten free pastas with incredible flavor for those with gluten intolerance.

If you love their fresh pasta, then you will equally love these sauces - or gravy as David likes to call them. Just the right amount of seasoning so the delicate flavors of the pasta can still shine through.


January 9, 2021 by

Terribly disappointed by the sugar content...

April 17, 2020 by

First time trying red pasta gravy and I loved it! It taste soo fresh and it's so light. Paired great with the cheese ravioli

April 5, 2020 by

Agreed. The very best.

September 29, 2019 by

This is, hands down, my favorite standard red tomato sauce. Period. And I have tried LOTS of 'em, many considered gourmet and favored jarred tomato sauces.

September 30, 2017 by

A delicious sauce. This extra-large jar can feed a large family or a small dinner party. Tip: use two hands to handle and pour from it.

November 1, 2015 by

The best sauce ever! We love it on pasta, pizza, & sandwiches. It has totally spoiled us for any other store-bought sauce.

March 1, 2015 by

This is a high quality product, but it didn't appeal to me. I look for a fresh, light, tomatoey sauce; this one is about deep, browned, intense and roasted flavors.

October 11, 2014 by

Exceptional sauce! My husband and I both thought it was so.....delicious. Will get this again, for sure

October 6, 2014 by

I'm not a huge red sauce fan, but I love this stuff and I highly recommend it.