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Organic Whole Milk

This whole milk from Kimball Brook Farm has full flavors that change subtly with the seasons as their feed and pasture shift. Because they minimally process their milk, these wonderful flavors come through. See if you can taste the seasons!

Storage Tips

Keeping Instructions: Make sure your fridge temperature is below 40 degrees. Each hour milk is kept above that temperature takes a day off of its shelf life.

Kimball Brook Farm, Hinesburg, VT

Flash pasteurized and homogenized, his milk is not ultra-pasteurized like most dairy you find in the store and the difference in taste is outstanding. Ultra-pasteurization heats the milk to a higher temperature, extending the shelf life, but in turn kills the fresh flavor and imparts a 'cooked' taste. This milk retains it's full, sweet flavor, enjoy!
Kimball Brook Farm is located in the Champlain Valley region of Vermont - right along the shores of beautiful Lake Champlain. The DeVos Family has been raising and milking cows Organically since 2005, and dairying a number of generations before that. They are real craftspeople with generations of knowledge on the best way to produce healthy milk and raise healthy cows.
Enjoy on it's own, in coffee, tea, with granola, oats, pancakes, a quiche or other baked goods.
Certified Organic


September 8, 2018 by

same as the one in the glass bottle. We are ordering this week since the ones in returnable bottles are "limited supply"