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organic bread loaf waitsfield common sliced

Red Hen Baking Co. Large Organic Sliced Waitsfield Common Bread

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This is a basic, no nonsense, do-anything bread that is sliced up and ready to enjoy!

Unbleached wheat flour*, water, salt. *Certified organic

2 lb loaf

Storage Tips

This bread comes in a paper bag to preserve the crust. Store sliced side down on a cutting board, uncovered, and it will stay fresh for days. You can refresh the loaf by running it under cool water, then heat in a 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes.

Red Hen Baking Co., Middlesex, VT

Mild, but still with plenty of flavor and a beautiful crust. It is named in honor of the old town common in Waitsfield Vt.
An uncommon "common" bread that goes equally well with PB and J or with extra-virgin olive oil.
Certified Organic

March 20, 2022 by

This bread is delicious. We keep it in the freezer and toast pieces as we need. Yum!

January 30, 2022 by

Waitsfield Common is my favorite bread from FTY. I was very excited to see a 2 lb sliced loaf! Excellent!