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grassfed organic beef brisket
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Tilldale Farm Grassfed Organic Brisket

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The brisket is of the lower chest section and is excellent smoked, brined or braised. Slow cooked Brisket is a great value as well as chock full of flavor.

The brisket is made up of two different muscles: the point and the flat. The point cut is the fatty part of the brisket, which is called the deckle. The flat cut, also known as "first cut", has the deckle removed, which makes it leaner and causes it to lay flat.
Enjoy within 5 days or freeze for later use.

appx. 4-5 lbs
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Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated or frozen.
Farmers to You orders beef by the whole animal and it arrives fresh to us. On weeks when we receive a fresh beef delivery you will receive cuts that are fresh, not frozen. On weeks when we do not receive a new order your beef will be sent frozen, beginning the thawing process while en route to you and can continue the thawing process in your fridge and be enjoyed within a week. The beef can be refrozen if desired without compromising the quality of the meat. Check the weekly bounty in our Friday Newsletter for fresh beef updates.

Tilldale Farm, Troy, NY

We source our 100% grassfed beef from Tilldale Farm and G & T Farm. Both farms raise Red Devon cross cattle on a 100% grassfed and grass finished diet. The beef is dry aged for at least a week before delivery to us.

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