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Grassfed Organic Beef Bones

If you've always wanted to make a good, nutritious beef bone broth, these are the bones to use. These are the knuckle and marrow bones of the cow.
Enjoy within 5 days or freeze for later use.

Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated or frozen.
Farmers to You orders beef by the whole animal and it arrives fresh to us. On weeks when we receive a fresh beef delivery you will receive cuts that are fresh, not frozen. On weeks when we do not receive a new order your beef will be sent frozen, beginning the thawing process while en route to you and can continue the thawing process in your fridge and be enjoyed within a week. The beef can be refrozen if desired without compromising the quality of the meat. Check the weekly bounty in our Friday Newsletter for fresh beef updates.

Tilldale Farm, Troy, NY

Tilldale Farm is the gold standard for beef. Certified Organic, 100% grass fed on rich river bottom pasture, where the soils have been tended to for generations by farmers who care, and herd genetics that go back centuries. Red Devon are smaller framed cattle that grow healthy and strong on grass; the breed predates grain finishing of beef. These animals get plenty of fresh air and exercise, spending all their time out grazing. They are healthy and content.
As a result, the meat from Tilldale Farm is some of the best you can find anywhere, with wonderful, rich, nuanced flavor, excellent texture and just the right amount of healthy fat. This is not factory farmed beef, or cattle that has grazed where the Amazon rainforest once stood. If you’re going to eat meat, this is the healthy and responsible (and delicious!) way to do it.
- Greg

Fantastic for bone broth
September 24, 2023 by

I used these to make a bone broth and as stated, they are the best!