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lightly salted farmers cheese

Sweet Rowen Farmstead Lightly Salted Farmers Cheese

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Pasteurized Cow Milk
For those who like their dairy unadulterated; light, fluffy, creamy and tangy - this cheese can do it
all. Use it as a base to make your own flavored spreadable cheese or use it on anything from
bagels, crackers or pasta to salads, omelets and sandwiches. Universal yum.

pasteurized cow's milk, non-GMO vegetable rennet, salt, cultures

8 oz

Storage Tips
Store in the refrigerator.

Sweet Rowen Farmstead, West Glover, VT

Taste the tangy cultured farmers cheese with just a hint of salt. This is a soft cheese similar to a cream cheese- except there is no additional cream added in.


June 9, 2019 by

This was too salty for me. I think I will like it if they reduce the salt.

January 23, 2019 by