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Sausage Cornbread Quiche

Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast? This savory dish utilizes one of our favorite ingredients — organic high meadow cornmeal from Nitty Gritty Grain Company. This medium ground cornmeal is the real deal with great texture and flavor, made from organic dent hybrid corn. Begin by cooking up your favorite sausage; when finished, chop it up, set it aside and then get the cornbread going. You’ll need some cornmeal, all purpose flour, eggs and a few other baking essentials. Bake the cornbread and then cut it into cubes. Whisk together six eggs, one cup of half and half, some chopped garlic and sage salt. Pour this mixture over the sausage and cornbread in a pie plate while the oven heats up to 350. Top with two cups of grated cheddar cheese and then mix everything together. Bake for around 45 minutes or until the quiche is set, and the top is golden brown. Accompany with a spinach & apple salad dressed in a maple vinaigrette.